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A Request for Freedom of Speech. The Legal Nihilism of Western Countries Towards the Russian Media

Congress Centre, conference hall D4
Sovereign Law in a Changing World
These days, when the world is encountering severe political turbulence, Russia is already being openly subjected to acts of unprecedented information aggression, committed at the insistence of individual unfriendly countries and with the tacit but evident connivance of the entire collective West. RT and Sputnik have faced huge restrictions on their operations in the West and have effectively been forced out of the European and US media landscape for covering the Russian view of world events. ITRC Mir is also under pressure from FSU states seeking to halt the TV channel’s continued operation in their countries by denouncing the agreements on its establishment and on the observance of international legal guarantees of the broadcaster’s unhindered and independent work. In essence, we are dealing with an information war that has been unleashed against Russia, brought about by the Western world’s conviction that only their truth has the right to life and to be disseminated. How are Russian media resources surviving amid the high potential for conflict and sanctions? What solutions are they identifying to overcome information repression from hostile jurisdictions? How do they see their future in the face of open contempt for freedom of speech on the part of those who claim to be fighting for it?


Irada Zeinalova
Journalist; Author, Host of "Weekly Review", NTV


Ekaterina Abramova
Deputy Chairman, Mir TV and Radio Company
Sergey Kochetkov
First Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency
Alexey Nikolov
General Director, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "TV-News"

Front row participants

Gennady Uvarkin
General Director, Legal Bureau Omega
Elizaveta Khudyakova
Media Lawyer
Maria Shmigelskaya
Director of the Legal Directorate, Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency