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The Effective Management of Public Property as a Factor in the Development of the State

Congress Centre, conference hall A
Effective Law for an Effective State
When managing property, the public owner is faced with a substantial number of tasks. Their ability to fulfil them has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of the state as the owner of the property. Unprecedented foreign political pressure has made it vital to reach and maintain a high level of effectiveness and efficiency in the management of public property in order to ensure the development of the state. The implementation of existing and potential approaches in this area is of interest to a wide range of groups, from the government to the business sector, and to members of the public. What aims and objectives does the government face in relation to state property management? What approach should be taken to evaluate the effectiveness of the state as an owner? What role does the government play when participating in corporate relations? How does it protect public interests and ensure the profitability of joint-stock companies? What mechanisms have been created to strike a balance when the government exercises its shareholder rights? Can the use of state property be made more efficient by involving it in commercial activities? Is the agenting of government functions in this area justified? What role can be played by a development institution focusing on all aspects of the housing sector? What might it do as the Russian Federation’s property management agent?


Alexander Skobelev
Director of the Legal Department, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation


Ivan Aksenov
Deputy General Director, Russian Post
Mikhail Galperin
Deputy General Director, Head of Legal Work Unit, Inter RAO
Alexey Moiseev
Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Popov
Deputy Head, The Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimuschestvo)
Natalya Romanyuk
Deputy Managing Director of Legal Services, DOM.RF