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New Approaches to State Regulation of Education: From Quantity to Quality

Pavilion F, conference hall F4
Law and Society
It is no secret that state regulation of educational activities, an important aspect of social relations, has been affected by the trend towards digitalization. As a part of this trend, the functioning of all state institutions must take into account the needs of each individual. At present, the introduction of a new model of state regulation of educational activity is being implemented in several ways, with the goal of providing a new quality of state services for licensing and state accreditation of educational activity. The participation of Rosobrnadzor in the experiment on optimization and automation of licensing processes, including the licensing of educational activity conducted in the Russian Federation, was also a kind of impetus to increase the client-centricity of Rosobrnadzor's state services. This has the positive effect of reducing the time required to provide public services, reducing the number of documents required from applicants and, consequently, reducing the number of legal actions required by applicants to obtain a particular public service. The introduction of indefinite validity of permit documents also has a positive tangible effect. The new model of state accreditation is based on the principle of “from quantity to quality”. It limits the analysis of documentation and focuses instead on the assessment of a student's knowledge. Therefore, the new model of state regulation of educational activity shifts the focus of activity in the relationship between the state and the recipients of state services towards public institutions. They must, inter alia, use all available instruments of power and law for the benefit of society and the state as a whole in their interaction with one another.


Dmitriy Guryev
First Vice-Rector, All-Russian State University of Justice
Anzor Muzaev
Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science


Ekaterina Ilgova
Rector, Saratov State Law Academy
Svetlana Kochetova
Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science
Marina Lavrikova
Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Activities, Saint Petersburg State University