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Antimonopoly Regulation in the Present Conditions: Challenges, Tasks and Development Prospects

Congress Centre, conference hall B4
Effective Law for an Effective State
A mixed market economy depends on a number of factors. These include competition, competitive market conditions, and efforts to prevent monopolies from taking shape. The structural shifts taking place throughout the world, the development of digital technologies, and the increased role played by innovations all have implications. These include the transformation of legal relations, the removal of geographical borders delineating commodity markets, and the destruction of established economic ties. In their place are emerging completely new markets of a global and multilateral nature. An evaluation of the changes which are under way, and of the economic situation in Russia and across the world reveals that timely steps need to be taken by the government in order to withstand such global challenges. What measures have been taken in recent years by antimonopoly bodies in order to address economic challenges and ensure fair competition across various sectors of the country's economy? What has been done in terms of improving antimonopoly legislation and minimizing red tape for businesses operating in markets of social importance? What issues are central to developing antimonopoly regulation in foreign jurisdictions, including in EAEU and BRICS member states? What should be done in relation to improving the content and application of competition law in the Eurasian Economic Union? What are the prospects and possible benefits of fostering multilateral partnerships between antimonopoly bodies based in these countries?


Sergey Puzyrevsky
Secretary of State – Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS Russia)


Sriraj V.
Joint Director, Competition Commission of India
Yuri Ivanenko
Judge, The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
Natalia Korosteleva
Head of Competition Law Practice, EPAM Law Offices
Shushan Sargsyan
Member, Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Armenia (online)
Bakhyt Sultanov
Member of the Board (Minister) for Competition and Antimonopoly Regulation, Eurasian Economic Commission
Liang Huide
Director, Anti-Monopoly Enforcement Department, State Administration for Market Regulation of the People’s Republic of China (online)