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Assessing a Partner’s Level of Solvency

Congress Centre, conference hall B1
Business and Investment in the Face of Sanctions
At some point or another, every business needs to examine the status of other players in the market. Companies need to know about possible risks prior to working with another business, choosing a debt settlement strategy, identifying signs of bankruptcy and developing a concept for effective rehabilitation procedures. Risk analysis is a two-way street, with those doing the evaluating being evaluated themselves. The quality of risk assessment not only has a direct bearing on signing contracts on the provision of goods or services, but also on receiving additional funding. However, without unified approaches to assessing a company, it becomes impossible to predict the outcome of a partnership. At the same time, insufficient information regarding quality is a risk in and of itself. This situation means that businesses have no flexibility when it comes to making quick decisions. And in the context of current sanctions, it is difficult to transform business processes quickly. If creditors have no way of genuinely knowing what their chances are of getting their money back, the simplest and most understandable option would appear to be the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings. And as many creditors know, once these have been initiated, the chances of recovering debts dwindles substantially. Meanwhile, the business sector is finding solutions in the creation of its own databases, scoring systems, and analytical tools. However, in order for these tools to stay relevant, reliable, and comprehensive, a unified methodology is required. What is the solution to these issues today?


Vadim Soldatenkov
Head of the Bankruptcy Proceedings Department, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation


Anatoly Kozlachkov
Vice President, Association of Banks of Russia
Mikhail Kutsik
Deputy Vice President, Director of the Department of Organization and Holding of Auctions, Transneft
Natalia Matveeva
Managing Director, Head of the Problem Debt Department, Industrial Development Fund
Rustem Miftahutdinov
Chairman, Debt Restructuring Assistance Fund
Konstantin Chekmyshev
Deputy Head, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation
Sergey Yakovlev
Head of the Center for Identification and Digital Products, MTS