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Force Majeure and the Inability to Fulfil Obligations in the Context of Sanctions

Congress Centre, conference hall D3
Law, Business, and Sanctions
In light of the current sanctions, legal issues related to fulfilling contractual obligations have become a major topic of discussion across various levels. A number of aspects have become particularly pressing. These include determining when obligations can no longer be fulfilled, when to exempt a party from liability for not fulfilling their obligations, and freeing a party from an obligation. This discussion will focus on current legislative solutions which were drafted to address these issues, as well as on their practical implementation, including with regard to the pandemic.
• Agreeing on concepts such as force majeure, impossibility of performance, and substantive change of circumstances.
• Rules governing exemption from liability in relation to force majeure events and termination of obligations due to impossibility of performance.
• Force majeure invoked by the debtor as a justification for being exempt from liability.
• Force majeure and monetary liability.
• The right to withdraw from a contract due to force majeure events.
• Impossibility of performance: can parties assume such a risk in advance?


Dmitriy Dozhdev
Head of the Department of Theory and History of Private Law, Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation named after S.S. Alexeev


Sergey Astashov
Judge, Chairman of the Judicial Division for Civil Cases of the Judicial Board for Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
Vsevolod Baibak
Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure, National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg)
Alyona Kucher
Associate Professor of the Civil Law Chair of the Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lidia Mikheeva
Secretary, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation; Chairperson of the Board, Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation named after S.S. Alexeev (online)
Denis Novak
Financial Ombudsman for Consumer Rights in Insurance, Microfinance, Credit Cooperation and Activities of Credit Institutions
Andrey Pavlov
Associate Professor of the Civil Law Department of the Law Faculty, St. Petersburg State University
Alexey Khersontsev
State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Tserkovnikov
Head of Energy Group, Pepeliaev Group; Head of the Department of Law of Obligations, Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation named after S.S. Alexeev
Vadim Chubarov
Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Yury Shalnev
Head of Sanction Consulting and Corporate Finance Practice, Gazprom Neft

Front row participants

Olga Vorobieva
Associate Professor in the Department of Business Law, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) (online)
Liya Grishaeva
Managing Director for Legal Support of Export Financial Support Projects, Russian Export Center