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The Professionalization of Judicial Proceedings

Congress Centre, conference hall D1
Justice and Litigation
Article 48 of the Russian constitution enshrines the right to receive professional legal aid, including free legal aid in cases provided for by law. However, due to a number of reasons, it has become difficult to ensure this right. This is primarily reflected in the low quality of legal services, particularly when it comes to representing the client’s interests in court. As a result, requirements for judicial representatives have recently been raised. Now, representatives at civil, arbitration and administrative cases must have a higher legal education or a degree in law. However, practice has shown that having a higher legal education alone is not a sufficient guarantee that a judicial representative is properly qualified. Most lawyers are unregulated – they are not bound by rules of professional ethics, and cannot be struck off due to providing poor-quality legal services. The lack of clear criteria for assessing lawyers enables them – in the case of providing poor legal assistance – to avoid liability and continue their bad practice. This also applies to lawyers who have lost their status by disciplinary procedure. The current procedure for representation does not encourage public confidence in the Russian state and its guarantees as set out in the constitution. What requirements should be applied to court representatives? Who should assess whether they meet the requirements? How should the mechanism allowing lawyers to act as judicial representatives be designed?


Mikhail Barshchevsky
Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of the Russian Federation at the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation


Maxim Beskhmelnitsyn
Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation
Alla Generalova
Head of Tax Practice, SIBUR
Dmitry Dubenetsky
Managing Director, DOM.RF; Vice President, DOM.RF Bank
Stepan Zaitsev
Legal Director, Siemens
Yuri Ivanenko
Judge, The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
Sergey Pepelyaev
Managing Partner, Pepeliaev Group
Yury Pilipenko
President, Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation

Front row participants

Elena Avakyan
Vice President, The Russian Federal Bar Association
Gennady Sharov
Vice President, Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation; Representative of the Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District