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Driverless Vehicles: New Developments in Regulation

Pavilion F, conference hall F1
Digital Transformation
The digital development of the transportation industry would be impossible to imagine without the introduction of unmanned transport, which promises to improve the reliability and safety of transport, increase the country’s transit potential, and expand integration of the domestic transport industry into the global transport space. The rapid development of information technology and widespread automation call for radically new approaches to legal regulation in the transport sector. One of the key tasks in the development, introduction, and wide-spread application of all types of unmanned transport for passenger and freight transportation is to address technical, technological, and infrastructural issues while also creating a legal framework that takes into account the interests of federal executive authorities and transport organizations.
• Preparing the legal and regulatory framework for the introduction of autonomous maritime and river transport navigation – what else needs to be done?
• Legal regulation in the field of unmanned air transport: proposals and regulations adopted.
• What other steps need to be taken to get unmanned vehicles on public roads?
• Unmanned trains: the introduction and development of unmanned railways.


Andrey Neznamov
Managing Director of the AI ​​Regulation Center, Sberbank


Dmitrii Bakanov
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Anatoly Dubanov
Director of Digital Economy Development Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (online)
Vitaly Klyuev
Director, Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Andrey Lebedev
Head of Legal Department, State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Metro"
Natalia Maslennikova
Head of Legal Department, Evocargo
Anton Nikiforov
Head of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Department, Russian Post
Pavel Popov
Deputy General Director, JSC Research and Design Institute of Informatization, Automation and Communications in Railway Transport
Dmitry Ter-Stepanov
Deputy General Director – Director of Regulatory Control, Digital Economy
Artem Sheikin
Member of the Federation Council Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Constitutional Legislation and State Building
Andrei Yablokov
Deputy General Director, Aeroscript Research Center

Front row participant

Michael Kuznetsov
Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision over the Execution of Laws in Transport and Customs, General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation