International Center for Joint Initiatives

Tech solutions in the new economy. How the IoT, AI, blockchain market develops: prospects, tasks, regulation problems.

New technologies that can change the business models of companies. How are these areas developing in Russia and friendly countries, what new challenges are the industries facing? What are the main problems the business is currently solving when developing and implementing these solutions? Is the regulatory framework sufficient for effective work in these areas? Do you need state support? How are the problems of technological sovereignty being solved and what new legal risks do you see? Experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovation. These and other pressing issues will be discussed by panellists.

Moderator: Daria Nosova, Partner and Head of FinTech O2 Consulting Practice.

Denis Karachev - Gazprom Neft Expert Solutions Director of Legal Affairs, Gazprom Neft PJSC, Head of Department
Maxim Bashkatov - Center for Strategic Research, Head of "Legal Development"
Anna Smirnova - Skolkovo Foundation, Deputy Director for Digital Development
Alexey Sokolov - Skolkovo Foundation, Digital Environment Regulatory Department. Deputy Director
Andrey Duyunov - DOM.RF, Director of operational support of the Legal Service (Legal Operations)
Oleg Ogienko, GR Director, Bitriver