International Center for Joint Initiatives

Venture investments. Features of legal regulation in Russia.

International Center for Joint Initiatives

Over the past 15 years, legal tools have been systematically formed in Russia, which created a solid foundation for venture capital investments in Russia and opened this market to both Russian and foreign investors. Let's talk about the latest innovations and more:

1. 1st year of life of convertible loans under the new rules. Have a contact? Is the flight normal?
2. Customizing the system of Russian corporate law for business tasks and agreements between venture investors and startups.
3. "The right to take risks" in venture capital and why is it important?
4. The first 10 years of Russian investment partnerships. Still a rare beast or not so much anymore? What is the future of collective investment in Russia? Is there room for foreign investors?

Moderator: Natalia Kuznetsova, Partner and Head of Corporate Practice at O2 Consulting.

Yulia Kuzmicheva, Managing Director for legal support of investment activities of VEB VENTURES;
Alexandra Orekhovich, Director for Legal Initiatives IIDF;
Alexey Fedotov, Head of the Department of Corporate Transactions and Investment Protection, MTS PJSC;
Kirill Buryakov, CEO and founder of Doczilla, winner of the first batch of the Sber500 accelerator, ambassador of the SberUnity startup community;
Evgeny Borisov, Partner of Kama Flow;
Vasily Ralko, notary in Moscow.