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Crisis management. How to prevent and minimize the risks of managing a company?

International Center for Joint Initiatives

Under conditions of uncertainty, the usual model of the company's work can fail. In crisis situations, from economic to natural disasters and pandemics, some companies have used successful crisis management practices to get through the first most difficult phases, especially when it comes to liability. Sometimes the situation is complicated by the fact that the requirements for the behavior of controlling persons (managers and beneficiaries) are formulated in the legislation rather abstractly.
In turn, this sometimes, of course, provokes an increase in the number of persons brought to subsidiary liability.
It is also predicted that the importance of this institution of liability of controlling persons for business in Russia will continue to grow.

• Peculiarities of holding managers, top managers and beneficiaries of an organization accountable: how to protect yourself
• Anti-crisis plan. How to prove the conscientious and reasonable behavior of management in a crisis situation
• Up-to-date tools for checking a business by an arbitration manager: how to independently identify the risks of being held accountable

Moderator: Yulia Rubleva, Managing Partner, IBG Politician, public figure

Alexey Yukhnin, Executive Director of Financial and Economic Information Service, Interfax, Fedresurs project
Natalia Kolerova, Attorney at Law, Counsel at S&K Vertical Law Office
Kirill Nogotkov, arbitration manager, Sirius SRO
Alexander Terentiev, Technical Director, Veta expert group
Rustem Miftakhutdinov, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of the Russian School of Private Law “Research Center for Private Law named after. S.S. Alekseev”, Associate Professor and Head of the Master’s Program “Bankruptcy Law” of the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University, founder and member of the Supervisory Board of the National Association “Bankruptcy Club”