Youth Forum

The Profession of Lawyer

Congress Centre, conference hall B4
International Youth Legal Forum
Interest in becoming a professional lawyer is not diminishing among final-year students and graduates. However, there is still no clear set of criteria from the professional community regarding what requirements must be met to qualify for the status of professional lawyer. That is true both of formal requirements as outlined in law, and of personal qualities and values that future lawyers should possess. This session will seek to clarify what young lawyers who are just starting out on their career path should expect in the current reality, and what they should be prepared for (aspects which also serve to increase awareness of their choice of profession). Professionals in their field will also share their personal experiences and views of what it means to be a lawyer. In addition, consideration will be given to the proposed amendments to the Russian federal law on the practice of law, and the implications for those entering the profession and performing duties within it. What does the practice of law entail today? What are the aims and objectives of lawyers today? Do genuine opportunities exist for a lawyer to professionally perform their duty to protect people’s rights and interests as outlined in law? Does reforming the legal profession really entail a loss of independence for the legal community? What should a young professional seeking to become a lawyer prepare themselves for? What knowledge and skills are important to possess? What criteria should be employed to understand whether a person is ready to become a successful lawyer?


Andrey Tuzov
Senior Lecturer, Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics, St. Petersburg State University


Alexander Gukanov
Lawyer, Managing Partner, Law Office "PromBusinessConsulting"
Elena Legashova
Managing Partner, Yusland Association Law Bureau of St. Petersburg
Petr Savishchev
Associate, Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners Bar Association
Alexander Svashenko
Attorney at Law, Senior Associate in Litigation and Arbitration Practice, EPAM Law Office
Maksim Semenyako
Lawyer, Vice President, Bar Association of St. Petersburg; member of the Council of the Chamber of Advocates of St. Petersburg