12th Legal Forum Business Programme Architecture Published

12th Legal Forum Business Programme Architecture Published

One of the main topics of the 12th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is "International Law in the New Reality".

"There is continuity in the themes of the Forum. Over the past two years, the legal contours of national sovereignty and a multipolar world have been clearly outlined. Now we have to define the legal basis for uniting Russia and other world poles both from within and among themselves. We see this basis in the values of law, which we contrast with the rule-based order promoted by the collective West. This leads to the main issues raised by the Forum: international peace and security as a universal indivisible value, the value aspect of international justice, the relationship between the values of law and culture, morality, religion, history and the way of life of peoples in the historical experience of Russia and other states, the role of traditional values in international integration, including in the formats of the SCO, BRICS and EAEU, the importance of values for the prevention and resolution of armed conflicts," emphasized Konstantin Chuychenko, the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Structurally, the Forum's business programme will consist of eight thematic blocks: "Society and Human Rights", "Criminal Law", "Dispute Resolution", "The Environment and Urban Planning", "State Regulation and Sovereignty", "Innovation, Technologies and Law", "The Business Environment, Corporate Governance and the Legal Services Market" and "Legal Education: Science and Art".

"The holding of the SPILF acquires special significance in the era of globalization. It is not just a platform for discussion, it is an instrument of active influence on the formation of the legal system, which should be flexible, fair and responsive to the needs of citizens. We strive to ensure that every decision made here contributes to strengthening the legal protection of every person," said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The track "Society and Human Rights" will include sessions and discussions on legal mechanisms for preserving traditional values, protection of family, maternity, paternity and childhood.

The second thematic block is "Criminal Law". The experts will analyze international experience of penitentiary legal policy and reducing the level of recidivism, discuss issues of improving criminal legislation, as well as consider promising trends in the development of criminalistics.

"Dispute Resolution" is the third block of the Forum, which will include a dialogue on options for preserving the balance of interests of the parties to enforcement proceedings. Participants in the sessions will review international practice of out-of-court dispute resolution and discuss mechanisms for improving international arbitration.

The fourth block "The Environment and Urban Planning" will focus on the return of ESG-obligation, application of smart technologies and effective management of urban space, as well as current problems of improving legal regulation in the field of hydrocarbon transportation.

The block "State Regulation and Sovereignty" will include the issues of implementation of economic security measures, legal protection of national interests and sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the conditions of transformation of the world order.

As part of the track "Innovation, Technologies and Law", experts will raise the issues of correlation between law and bioethics, consider the features of digital transformation of justice, and discuss the legal regulation of the application of artificial intelligence.

The block "The Business Environment, Corporate Governance, and the Legal Services Market" will be devoted to the prospects for the development of lawyer associations, modern challenges in antitrust regulation, and the creation of new legal mechanisms for business protection.

During the final block "Legal Education: Science and Art", experts will analyze the possibilities of legal education integration in the BRICS countries, talk about the modern role of fundamental legal research and the peculiarities of using innovations in traditional legal education. 

In addition, this year the Forum will feature BRICS Justice Ministers Meeting, a meeting of the working group of the Interstate Council on Combating Corruption with the participation of representatives of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia, a meeting of the CIS Human Rights Committee, an Open Meeting of Justice Ministers, and a lecture by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Traditionally, students and young legal professionals will be able to participate in the International Youth Legal Forum (IYLF).

The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is the largest and unique platform for dialogue in the field of law. The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum traditionally brings together leading lawyers of various specializations, public figures, opinion leaders, and media representatives.

The draft architecture of the business programme is available on the official website of the Forum: