International Center for Joint Initiatives

International Center for Joint Initiatives

29 –30 June 2022

10:00 29.06.2022

Tech solutions in the new economy. How the IoT, AI, blockchain market develops: prospects, tasks, regulation problems.

International Center for Joint Initiatives

New technologies that can change the business models of companies. How are these areas developing in Russia and friendly countries, what new challenges are the industries facing? What are the main problems the business is currently solving when developing and implementing these solutions? Is the regulatory framework sufficient for effective work in these areas? Do you need state support? How are the problems of technological sovereignty being solved and what new legal risks do you see? Experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovation. These and other pressing issues will be discussed by panellists.

Moderator: Daria Nosova, Partner and Head of FinTech O2 Consulting Practice.

Denis Karachev - Gazprom Neft Expert Solutions Director of Legal Affairs, Gazprom Neft PJSC, Head of Department
Maxim Bashkatov - Center for Strategic Research, Head of "Legal Development"
Anna Smirnova - Skolkovo Foundation, Deputy Director for Digital Development
Alexey Sokolov - Skolkovo Foundation, Digital Environment Regulatory Department. Deputy Director
Andrey Duyunov - DOM.RF, Director of operational support of the Legal Service (Legal Operations)
Oleg Ogienko, GR Director, Bitriver

Venture investments. Features of legal regulation in Russia.

International Center for Joint Initiatives

Over the past 15 years, legal tools have been systematically formed in Russia, which created a solid foundation for venture capital investments in Russia and opened this market to both Russian and foreign investors. Let's talk about the latest innovations and more:

1. 1st year of life of convertible loans under the new rules. Have a contact? Is the flight normal?
2. Customizing the system of Russian corporate law for business tasks and agreements between venture investors and startups.
3. "The right to take risks" in venture capital and why is it important?
4. The first 10 years of Russian investment partnerships. Still a rare beast or not so much anymore? What is the future of collective investment in Russia? Is there room for foreign investors?

Moderator: Natalia Kuznetsova, Partner and Head of Corporate Practice at O2 Consulting.

Yulia Kuzmicheva, Managing Director for legal support of investment activities of VEB VENTURES;
Alexandra Orekhovich, Director for Legal Initiatives IIDF;
Alexey Fedotov, Head of the Department of Corporate Transactions and Investment Protection, MTS PJSC;
Kirill Buryakov, CEO and founder of Doczilla, winner of the first batch of the Sber500 accelerator, ambassador of the SberUnity startup community;
Evgeny Borisov, Partner of Kama Flow;
Vasily Ralko, notary in Moscow.

Russia - China: New challenges = new perspectives

International Center for Joint Initiatives

Moderator: Nikolay Vavilov
Sinologist, author, publicist.

14:00 – 14:15 Speaker: Alexey Vitaliyevich Dakhnovsky
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation
in China
Topic: "Pivot to the East: public policy and mutual legal enforcement of investment protection" - via video link

14:15 – 14:30 Speaker: Gao Qi
General Representative of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - via video link

14:30 – 15:00 Speaker: Glandin Sergey Viktorovich, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor – Department of International Law, Faculty of Law / Lomonosov Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov
Topic: "Universities and business: legal aspects of effective cooperation"

15:00 – 15:15 Speaker: Alexander Zainigabdinov
Head of Pepeliaev Group Beijing office

15:15 – 15:30 Speaker: Surana Radanaeva
Founder of the consulting company SinoRuss

Legal support of cross-border projects. New challenges. New solutions.

International Center for Joint Initiatives

The current situation leads to a change in the structure of international business processes, their legal content is changing. Familiar supply chains stop working, instead of them new, more complex ones are built, taking into account new realities. The participants of the session will talk about their experience in solving such problems, and demonstrate with concrete examples that there are no hopeless situations.

Rubleva Yulia Vladimirovna
Managing Partner IBG, Politician, Public Activist

Kostin Alexey Alexandrovich
Chairman of the ICAC and the MAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of International Private and Civil Law. S.N. Lebedeva MGMIMO Russian Foreign Ministry

Dridze Evgeny Borisovich
Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

Popov Andrey Vladimirovich
Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs and Property Complex of Rosatom Corporation

Farid Tariverdiev
First Deputy General Director of LEX Systems LLC
Topic: "The law of international trade: support business"

Nikitina Olga
LG Electronics RUS, Head of Legal Department

Vodolagin Sergey
Managing Partner, Westside Law Firm, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Arbitrator of the IAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
09:00 30.06.2022

Crisis management. How to prevent and minimize the risks of managing a company?

International Center for Joint Initiatives

Under conditions of uncertainty, the usual model of the company's work can fail. In crisis situations, from economic to natural disasters and pandemics, some companies have used successful crisis management practices to get through the first most difficult phases, especially when it comes to liability. Sometimes the situation is complicated by the fact that the requirements for the behavior of controlling persons (managers and beneficiaries) are formulated in the legislation rather abstractly.
In turn, this sometimes, of course, provokes an increase in the number of persons brought to subsidiary liability.
It is also predicted that the importance of this institution of liability of controlling persons for business in Russia will continue to grow.

• Peculiarities of holding managers, top managers and beneficiaries of an organization accountable: how to protect yourself
• Anti-crisis plan. How to prove the conscientious and reasonable behavior of management in a crisis situation
• Up-to-date tools for checking a business by an arbitration manager: how to independently identify the risks of being held accountable

Moderator: Yulia Rubleva, Managing Partner, IBG Politician, public figure

Alexey Yukhnin, Executive Director of Financial and Economic Information Service, Interfax, Fedresurs project
Natalia Kolerova, Attorney at Law, Counsel at S&K Vertical Law Office
Kirill Nogotkov, arbitration manager, Sirius SRO
Alexander Terentiev, Technical Director, Veta expert group
Rustem Miftakhutdinov, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of the Russian School of Private Law “Research Center for Private Law named after. S.S. Alekseev”, Associate Professor and Head of the Master’s Program “Bankruptcy Law” of the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University, founder and member of the Supervisory Board of the National Association “Bankruptcy Club”

Stimulating the transformation of the Russian economy: ensuring prompt import substitution in strategic sectors based on the best international practices.

International Center for Joint Initiatives

The following questions are planned for discussion:
• What additional business support measures are or could be considered by the state to stimulate the leading sectors of the economy?
• Is tax incentives an effective way to support rapid import substitution?
• What are the prospects for the development of the SAR and other zones with a special tax regime?
• How does business assess the current situation in terms of the tax burden and the influence of regulatory authorities on work processes?
• What are the main business requests that they turn to lawyers and consultants? How can consulting companies help businesses today?

Tatyana Safonova - Partner, Head of O2 Consulting Tax Practice;

Irina Miroshnichenko,
Head of Tax Department, Gazprom Export;
Svetlana Pavlenko,
Head of Tax Department, Norilsk Nickel;
Evgeny Markin,
Director of the e-business department, World of Privilege Bank, Region Group.
Galina Akchurina,
Partner, Tax Dispute Resolution Practice, Kept (ex KPMG)
Alekseev Sergey Vadimovich,
Deputy General Director of LEX Systems, LLC